Stuffed Horse presents:

Three Post Apocalyptic Comedians Walk Into A Bar…

Written, produced, designed and directed by Melanie Crawley

‘We will re-build society by reinterpreting the past. We’ll re-mesh ourselves into the natural world, turn our backs on democracy, laugh loudly at ourselves, tell each other fantastic stories and run a tombola.

Stuffed Horse presents a lively, fun show which meshes real scenes from the future with audience games, gripping stories and a light sprinkling of puppetry.’

The show has been commissioned by Mesters Events as part of their Rebuild Festival – a celebration of theatre, the end of the world and the building of new ones. We are one of four theatre companies who will come together with four unique productions to create an incredible evening of immersive and interactive performance.

Performers to be announced. We are casting for one role if you wish to apply please read the details carefully and apply before 22 September.

Three Post Apocalyptic Comedians Walk into a Bar…will be performed at DINA Venue in Sheffield City Centre on 26th October 2017. Tickets are free and will be available on Eventbrite. Info to follow.

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Supported by Arts Council England.