Stuffed Horse presents:

Three Post Apocalyptic Comedians Walk Into A Bar…

By Melanie Crawley

This show performed on Thursday 26 October 2017 at Dina Venue, Sheffield. We want your feedback! If you attended the event, please take a moment to fill in a very very short survey – thank you!


‘We will re-build society by reinterpreting the past. We’ll re-mesh ourselves into the natural world, turn our backs on democracy, laugh loudly at ourselves, tell each other fantastic stories and run a tombola.’

Stuffed Horse presents a lively, fun show which weaves real scenes from the future with audience games, gripping stories and a light sprinkling of puppetry.

Three comedians entertain the audience in a game show. Comedy Dave is on one side, Funny Fanny is on the other and a host, with the help of the audience, presents scenarios, stories and documentation that they must judge Real or Unreal.

These little dramas and comedies show life as it was and as it might have been,  as it is happening now and how it has already happened in the future. There are tales recorded by real people about their lives and the stories we hear are jewels from another era, before the Great Crash when there was Netflix.

Three Post-Apocalyptic Comedians Walk Into A Bar… considers that after such a devastating event as The Great Crash, the most important thing for the rebuilding of society is not the future but the past. It considers that by reinterpreting history a community can be built on values of true equality, a sense of place within the natural world rather than above it, a perspective that allows playfulness and humour to bubble up daily and the assertion that human activities can compliment the beauty of the world rather than destroy it.

You see, this might be what would really happen (or not) if comedians and artists had a bit more influence over things than they do at the moment…

Supported by Arts Council England.

Rebuild Festival

The show was commissioned by Mesters Events as part of their Rebuild Festival – a celebration of theatre, the end of the world and the building of new ones. We are one of four theatre companies who came together with four unique productions to create an incredible evening of immersive and interactive performance.


Three Post Apocalyptic Comedians Walk into a Bar…was performed at DINA Venue in Sheffield City Centre on 26th October 2017.

We’re now developing the show into a full-length production to be toured to other venues. Check back here, follow Stuffed Horse on twitter or like our facebook page to receive notifications.