Stuffed Horse presents:

In a Forest, Dark and Deep by Neil LaBute

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Betty and Bobby grew up together. They’ve argued their way through childhood and troubled teen years. Then, one night, after they’ve been living their separate grown-up lives for years and years, Betty really needs Bobby’s help. Alone together for the first time in a long time, the rain lashing down on the cottage in the woods memories are relived, secrets unearthed, and lies exposed as they navigate a path to a place that threatens to show them who they really are.

LaBute’s  writing is so sharp, delivering cutting, fast-paced dialogue which explores the idea of truth and how it is manipulated to unearth a dense tangle of memories and assumptions.

Audiences should expect a strong dose of intrigue, tension and quick-fire dialogue. Combined with the play’s isolated forest location; the result is an absorbing, edge-of-your seat, drama.

In a Forest Dark and Deep played as part of Greater Manchester Fringe at  Salford Arts Theatre 5-10 July 2016.

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Manchester Theatre Awards review